Venturing Out...

The kidlets & I spent an afternoon out and about late last week.
It was our first adventure after being sick & housebound for so many weeks!
We'd make a quick trip to the library to re-stock our book supply but that was it.
So we drove around downtown & around the older neighborhoods-- stopped at a park and let the kids play and I savored the fresh air and took pictures. SO nice!!

Looking forward to many more adventures discovering our "new" town!

aren't these lovely?? Josie discovered them & so sweetly pointed them out to me!
"Look! Your favorite, Mama!"

Spring blossoming before our eyes...

love this pattern--and all the green!

a sweet little home we drove by.
I'm in love....

raincoat close-at-hand, Sonic fruit slush & a touch of red & aqua..YUM!



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Jen Kershner said...

Oh, I just love that little cottage!

Christy said...

Love, love, love, love this post my sweet friend! So glad you're all feeling better! That bout of ongoing illness was just AWFUL! Nothing like being able to actually step foot out the house and enjoy the fresh outdoors! Your new photogs look FABULOUS! I'm impressed!
Love you!!!!