Been A While...

Sorry I dropped off the face of the Earth for a bit! Nothing shocking or Earth-rocking going on & keeping me away --just BUSY!

Par for the course, my dance-card of daily life has been full. Fortunately for me, most are blessings and a joy to be a part of. Church activities are increasing and I find that my heart grows with it. My walk has been gradually transformed and despite continued testing of my faith, I feel God is refining me. Teaching me. Revealing my true strength, courage and zeal. There are times where I feel His presence in my life SO much I think I'll burst from the "goosebump" feeling of it all. There are times where I feel pushed and pulled and I wonder exactly how much more He'll give me to handle- and then He gives me a breeze of peace- and then I'm back to the pushing and pulling!

A girlfriend and I were just talking about this the other day... she has (and is)had to work through so many personal battles. She's fallen as many times and ways as I, and we've become a comfort and encouragement to each other. God knew what He was doing in bringing our friendship about...almost 9 years ago. It's been a tremendous blessing to me! Today she is going to visit with a dying friend. It's something she's never had to experience before. I know she's a bit nervous and uncomfortable- unsure how to "behave". But I also know she's doing this out of an obedient heart- going out of her comfort zone for a friend she's only recently made. I've been praying for her- for peace and clarity when in that uncomfortable situation today. But I know some of the gifts God's placed in her and I know she's going to bring such joy and comfort today! It makes my heart swell to think of her selflessness and how far she's grown in Christ's forgiveness and love. And to imagine what the continued faith and determination to be obedient to His calling is going to bring her... good, GOOD things are in store.

I'm so very proud to call her my friend and sister in Christ.


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