I love to read.
Always have.
It's often difficult to carve out time to enjoy a book (of my own)nowadays, but I usually go on "binges"!
Go to the library and get an armful and read them in the first few days (or the last few days before they're due back-often the case!).
There have been many times where I've borrowed a book and will realize that it's suddenly due the next day. Goof that I am- instead of just renewing it- I'll read it start to finish right then- and since I usually go to bed around 11pm and that's usually when I read...I will be up into the wee hours.
But it's WORTH IT!!! ...well. typically.
Here's what I've read lately...or read with the kidlets...

I find this woman and her lifestyle to be so endearing. An early appreciation was instilled by my Mom...she loves Tasha Tudor & her books!

Josie is gobbling up Biscuit stories...hearing her read is such a joy!

This book was an interesting and enjoyable read.

The kids loved the illustrations of this book.
AND this book.

THIS just spoke volumes to me. I suppose it wouldn't be of interest at all to a "seasoned" homeschooling parent- but to me- I scribbled notes and thoughts like CRAZY. It renewed my zeal and refreshed my spirit about homeschooling. I immediately shared it with my homeschool mom's group, as most of them are new to the adventure too! The book explores various methods of homeschooling and then has two homeschool parents who USE the method give some personal insight to its virtues. Overall, I think this has given me a better understanding of what style (or combination of) would work best for us.

A easy-chicklit read that took a couple hours. It was exactly what I needed the evening I picked it up. Just a "fluffy" story to get my mind off of things, to chuckle over. No profound insight here, but a clean enjoyable one-timer.
Tomorrow- books I want to dig into ASAP!!!!!



Christy said...

Okay, this is like the THIRD time I've tried to get on here and leave you a comment... I keep logging on and then get distracted doing something else. I think I may have adult ADD, lol! No, seriously. I wish I loved to read, I do. But I don't. I mean I want too... I have good intentions but I can't even tell you how many books I have laying around that I've started and have yet to finish. It's pitiful really. It's so great to pop on over here and see you posting so frequently. Loooove me some DOODLEBLOG!!!! Miss you! xoxoxo

Sarah said...

I'm attempting to post regularly!
Any new scrappy goodness from you lately???

Christy said...

Ha! Yeah, right!!! Lol! I seriously have not done ONE thing since the SIS contest. Sometimes I feel like throwing in the towel... and then Katherine slaps me and tells me to pull myself together, lol! Okay, she doesn't really slap me but she does scold me, lol! How 'bout YOU my dear? Created anything lately?

Anonymous said...