Saturday was nice-- nasty weather but activity-wise, it was nice.
Went to
POET'S GARDEN & Home Depot with my mom. Matthew tagged along (not really by choice, but he was a great sport) & was rewarded later with a pkg. of Reeses pb cups. He's easy to please, that one.

The hubster and Josie had a father/daughter day activity planned through our church men's group. HORTON HEARS A WHO at the local theatre and then dinner at RED ROBIN. Needless to say, Josie was quite excited! She called me after the movie to check in and make sure WE were having fun too.

Once home, I asked Matthew what he'd like to do with the rest of the afternoon.
He was perfectly content to watch the downpour and hail from inside while playing Wii and wrestling with the dog. Easy to please, that one. I worked on Ebay and the never-ending laundry basket. QUITE exciting, I assure you.

And now. A little piece of advice.
DO NOT purchase Folger's Caramel Drizzle coffee beans/grounds.
I tried brewing it stronger. lighter. tried different creamers. tried NO creamer.
in essence- it tasted HORRIFIC and I knew instantly what it reminded me of. I gag now thinking of it.
Dirty socks.
Not that I've dined on dirty socks but. well- you all KNOW what dirty boy socks smell like. And if you DON'T.... I can't say you're missing out at all. Consider your life a little richer.
Seriously people.
Brewed dirty socks.


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Christy said...

Hiya sweets! Got your e-mail about the "Poets" like place and I am SO itching to go check it out! I told Katherine about it so one of these days when we can leave the kiddies at home, we're gonna drive up... CANNOT WAIT!!! We just went and saw "Horton Hears a Who" today... very, very cute! And I'll be sure not to try the Folger's Caramel Drizzle coffee. Sounds like it would be yummy but apparently not, huh? Lol! I *will* send an email soon, sweets!