Biggest Loser Love!

So did you catch it last night???

The two ladies KICKED IT! Wooooohooo!

It's about time the boys got a smackdown.

And the cake. LOVED Dan and the cake...the cake-napping.

Jillian has a new DVD. I love to hate Jillian.

And now she can be hated any ol' time when *I* am huffing and puffing working out with this! In the words of Dan ".....thank you..??"


Christy said...

Go Allie and Kelly!!! I was so happy and proud for them. I can't wait for next week when Jillian sees them both still there! The whole "Boys Club" thing was really starting to annoy me. What they did to the girls in the challenge was just mean and over the top. I agree with what Ali said, "If you don't want one of us to win the money - fine, but don't be so pompous and arrogant about it". The eating while they were doing the challenge was gross and cocky. Served Dan right losing only 1 lb., lol! Wasn't the look on his face PRICELESS!!?? I really hope that boy learns a little humility. I have disliked him week after week because of his hideous habit of boasting non-stop. Maybe it will change him for the better in the future.

Christy said...

P.S. Do have her new DVD? Just curious how you like it... xoxo

Sarah said...

I don't have it YET. I'll let you know how I like it though! ;)

Donna Boucher said...

I agree totally about Ali and Kelly.

Dang, one slip up for Dan and it's hit the road jack.

I like Roger.

I don't want either of the brothers to win.

Do the girls stand a chance?
Perhaps Kelly if she goes home and loses a 50 more pounds.

Ali can only lose about 20 more pounds at the most!

I love the finale show!!!!

Carole said...

I am sucked into the show, too.
Found you via Heidi's blog.
Is the DVD a workout session with Jillian? Interesting...

Sarah said...

Donna- I was wondering how much more the girls will have to give too...there needs to be an all-women Biggest Loser!!

Carole-Hi! Thanks so much for swinging by for a visit! Yes, the DVD is a workout with Jillian. I'll see if I can find the link and post it...I saw clips and I'm eager to put it to good use! I took a quick peek at your blog and I *LOVE* your b/w placemats!! Ikea?? Gotta love that place.