going kuku...

A couple years ago I discovered a new textiles company through a photoblogging friend and succombed to the cuteness. KUKUNEST delivers AMAZING quality bed linens with the most adorable prints... Josie has the Lantern Festival and we love it as much as the day we got it...it's held up amazingly well-- countless washings, several horrifying EXORCIST-like spewings during illnesses (TMI,sorry) and a full cup of grape koolaid spilled on the polka dot sheet... it still looks new!

There's a new line called "Little Friends" that is equally sweet. Dontcha think? I'd LOVE to have the pillow sham. We already have the polkadot & pink bedding portions...wish they sold the sham seperately, but alas..they don't. There are some fantastic lines for boys, and several could go girl *or* boy... Don't forget to check their BLOG to get an inside view on their success!


Donna Boucher said...

Those are just darling linens!
I'm off to see their blog!

Christy said...

These are darling! Off to check out their web-site. ;)