What is it about a Friday that's soooo goooood???
Tonite the kidlets are going to spend the night with Grandpa.
WE are going to hang at home--watch movies and eat THAI!
Oh yeah.

I've been doing some deep, SPRING cleaning around the house this week. Here's what I've accomplished so far:

Cleaned out the fridge/tossed old condiments,etc/cleaned shelves,drawers
Cleaned inside of cupboards in kitchen
Washed windows inside/outside throughout house
Wiped down doorframes inside/outside
Trimmed some shrubbery outdoors
Tossed a bunch of junk from the garage (there's LOTS more to go!)
Re-orgazined (well.started to.)paper crafting area.
Wiped down walls/ceilings of both bathrooms
Scoured toilets,sinks,tub
Washed light fixtures in bathrooms
Vaccuumed living room furniture, laundered pillows

Still to do:
Clean the carpets in the living room/dining room
Organize Ebay closet
Toss/Organize garage items
Clean laundry area-organize/ wipe down washer&dryer,etc

Yesterday I gave a short list of some of our recently read library books.
Here are some books that I'm anxious to get my hands on!

Have a WONDERFUL, blessed weekend!




Bella Art Girl said...

I'm going to have to check out some of your books...I had not heard about the Beechick one and the one about Living a good life...fun list

Christy said...

Hooray for FRIDAY... and date nights with the hubby!!! I'm jealous... I could SOOOOOOO use one of those right about now, lol! You go with yo' bad cleanin' self!!! I've been doing a little of that lately too... trying to get this place nice and clean and ready so we can hopefully (keeping fingers crossed) move sometime this summer. Not out of S.D unfortunately but outta this dumpy place. I just can't hang any longer. Okay, one of these days I'm actually going to write you... or call. Seems every comment I leave, is a freaking book! Sorry 'bout that. Love you sweets - have a GREAT weekend!
Christy ;)

Sarah said...

Bella...happy to share a good list! ;)

C- Yes. um. an email or call would be WONDERFUL! I feel so outta touch with you lately. :(