Spring Break of sorts.

Hope you all had a nice Easter!
Ours was nice.
Church service was wonderful!
Then we headed out to my parents for dinner and an egg hunt.
The food was yummy (as usual!) and visiting and watching the kids interact is always a joy.
I didn't capture any great pics this year--not even one of my kids together, as I did last year (sigh). Heavily disappointed in that. argg.

Our Monday has been a relaxed one thus far.
I'm letting the kids off the hook for lessons today, though we plan on continuing school through "Spring Break".
I've been making lists of SPRING CLEANING tasks indoors and out.

Today's #1 Task: Clean out the fridge (including thorough wipedown)

Haven't tackled it quite yet- but I have a nice chunk of today's TO DO's
crossed off including:

Bible Study/Coffee Time
Kids Breakfast/story
Kids dressed/teeth/hair
Start Laundry
Unload/reload dishwasher
Kids straighten bedrooms
Supervise Kids observation of Chive plant project
All beds stripped and linens in wash
Flylady Mission: Master Bedroom 15 min. declutter
Water houseplants/add food

Accomplished and NOT on the TO DO list... perusing a few blogs, looking up a few homeschool curriculum items, changing my blog pic (the previous one was meant to be replaced quite a while ago- I never cared for it).

I think that's about it for now.

The kids planted Chive seeds the other day- a science project of sorts. We began a notebook for each one of them- they decorated a spiral notebook with magazine cutouts of nature-related objects/scenes to log various upcoming experiments and observations. Once the notebook covers were created, I had the kids log their first day of the Chive project..detailing the steps they took in planting. Matthew decided we should keep one pot outside and one inside and compare their growth. So they rush to their respective pot every couple of hours each day hoping to see change! lol.

I have this book that I found at Goodwill long ago- and I've begun reading up on easy garden projects to do with the kids. Since I'm new to gardening myself- it should be fun! I've shown the kids a few ideas and they're excited to get started.

Isn't that a cute dustjacket?? I'm such a sucker for old books...and illustrations.
Speaking of books.... I've read a couple in the last few days that made me happy.
I'll post those soon.


Christy said...

Sounds like you guys had a WONDERFUL Easter! And that children's gardening book... so cute!!! I love that you're letting the kids plant seeds. I've been wanting to do that with the girls. I know they would totally dig it! Totally lovin' your new profile pic too! I CAN'T BELIEVE how much your hair has grown since I saw you last... you lucky girl!!! I will chat with you soon... LOVE YA!!!

Sarah said...

C~ I *wish* my hair was that long again...it's a pic from last Summer and my new "goal"..lol. Short was fun but I'm growing it out again. xoxo ~S

Christy said...

Are you for reals? But I LOVE you in short hair... it's very flattering my dear. ;) I'm seriously considering chopping mine. Yep, ME... can you believe it? Lol! I've actually been toying with the idea for several months now but wanted to wait until after the wedding... ya know, just in case I ended up hating it, lol! But now that that's overwith, I'm FREE! I'll scan the pic of my idea and send it to ya and you can give me your HONEST opinion. Loves you tons and TONS!!!