Garden Girl.

I got up early this a.m. and did my Bible Study.
I then checked out a few homeschool blogs and somehow I found this website.
You know how you follow link after link and suddenly don't remember how you got there???
I've been sitting here..through several cups of coffee..with a sleepy cat on my lap- watching little clips of this lady. The Urban Gardener.
There are many things she does/has that aren't do-able for me in my current home, but it's still interesting to watch how much she utilizes her small space. Very inspiring.
Check her out yourself!
Garden Girl TV/



Christy said...

Just got the latest issue of Sunset magazine (do you ever read?) and they have some really great, inspiring ideas in there for creating the backyard of your dreams. Talk about SWOON!!! Off to check out this video... xoxoxox, C!

Christy said...

Tag... YOU'RE IT!!! Doncha just love these stupid things... or is it hate? Hmmmmm... You can thank me later. ;)

Sarah said...

YES! I saw the latest Sunset (March,right?)and saw the garden idea---loved it!