Good Things.

Cannot WAIT to see these issues on the stands again. My Mom had a subscription for as long as the magazine was around, or close to it. ANd now I grab up any old copies I find at yard sales or in the Freebie bin at the library...if you like the garden/shabby chic/victorian style- you'll LOVE this. I'm not so hep on Victorian things really- but there's great recipes, garden ideas, cottage charm just oozing from the pages. Hope the new ones are just as good. We'll see in a few months. I believe the first issue comes out in November.

Definitely want this CD. He's amazing. period. I played flute for a number of years and would like to pick it up again. The flute I have is the one I used from elementary school and through high school and then some. It's been tortured and it LOOKS IT. It needs all new pads and a lot of tweaking. I took it in for an estimate and the gentleman told me it would be financially in my best interest to purchase a new flute vs. fix that one up! EEK! Regardless- I love listening to this guy play. An inspiration.

REALLY wanting this Japanese crafting/sewing book. BAD.

And this. Oh. My. I love. love. LOVE this artist's whimsical work. LOVE it.
Check out her ETSY SHOP! Amazing. Adorable. Lovely. You name it- I want it. The "Ready For Liftoff" one she has up for sale is SO cute!

Ok...enough DEEP thinking for now! HA!



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