So Romantical....

Josie and I attended a wedding this evening. It was another couple from our college group at church- that's three couples now! I *think* we're done for a while! Cara and Alex...SO sweet and in love. Their wedding was a simple garden affair and was perfectly lovely. Cara's Maid of Honor, pictured below, is Leah. Another from our college group. LOVE her! My kidlets love her too. Sweetest, most genuine young lady! And officiating the wedding- one of our closest friends & pastor of our church- Warren. We love that guy. Such a big heart and a great man of God. He and his wife are dear lifelong friends! (wave: Hi Kim! I know you lurk here! Love ya! ;) lol)

I wish you could see Alex's face too- esp. when she was walking down the aisle- OH MY. That guy was BEAMING with love!
They served strawberry shortcake with coffee and punch afterward- perfect for a cool Summer evening! Josie had a ball- loved seeing Miss. Cara in her fancy dress but didn't care for the kissing stuff apparently (upon seeing them kiss she folded her arms across her chest and whispered an "ewwww."lol).

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Christy said...

Awww, what a beautiful wedding. Love what the maid of honor is wearing... so simple and sweet and gardenesk. So funny about miss J and the kissing... Kaylee LOVES the kissing scenes! A little too much I think. Hoping she grows out of that. lol! SO good talking to you tonight deary... CANNOT WAIT give you a big ol' hug and squeal in your ear in a few weeks! LOVE YOU TONS! :)