Lubs me some Court...

Want a GREAT tutorial on how to make your OWN vacation album?!
Check out the latest webisode on ScRaP in StYle and my sweet girl, Court, will show you how!! Isn't she cute?! ;) She's amazingly talented but this is DEFINITELY something anyone can make- even my dear "I'm soooo NOT crafty" friends! ;)
Check back tomorrow to see some mail love from today AND another installment of ThRifT GoodNess it's FriDaY!


Christy said...

So GOOD chattin' with you today sweets! Cannot BELIEVE I get to see in you in like 3 FREAKIN' DAYS! Eeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! I'm so, so, SOOOOOOOOO psyched, can ya tell?! Hee! :)

Court is the cutest and the sweetest and talented beyond WORDS... love her to pieces! HOLY CRAP - is that her SCRAPROOM??? If so, I take back what I said about loving her... HATE her, lol! Kidding of course, Court! Off to check out her webisode. :)

Sue said...

Sarah, you find the coolest little blog tags. I'm gonna have to check them out. :)