You Throw Like a GIRL!

Yesterday was lovely. Overcast with a quick sprinkle -but the air was warm and we had a gentle breeze flowing through the house all day. I'm just LOVING our Summer weather so far!

Spent the day taking pics and editing them for Ebay listings. Nothing tremendously enjoyable about THAT. But it had to be done- and makes it much easier to list things when the photos are ready to go. Also went to Safeway and loaded up on SunnyD and some dairy products. If you bought 10 participating items you earned 2 free tickets to the new movie SURFS UP. We wanted to see that as a family and needed the groceries anyway- so it was perfect! Plus I had some coupons and there were in-store specials--we saved over $15 on just 10 items PLUS free movie tickets. I was VERY pleased!

In the evening we went to our first church softball game. Robert was going to play while the kidlets and I cheered and enjoyed coffee, a new craft magazine on a quilt! No such luck. For ME anyway! In order to play, the co-ed church teams must have a minimum of 2 females playing. Ours had ONE. We have a large church body so this surprised me. We waited. We waited. No other girls showed up. In order for our team to not forfeit their first game they needed another girl. me. UGH. Folks, I haven't played since the 5th/6th grade! I'm TERRIBLE. I do indeed, THROW LIKE A GIRL. Not to mention I was wearing white FITTED capris with dainty flower embroidery all over them and flip flops. (you can stop chuckling now.) Fortunately, my female counterpart had brought cleats in addition to the tennies she was wearing- so I wore her cleats. With my floral embroidered white capris. Lovely. (sigh). I was truly terrible and probably drove the guys nuts with my lack of skill- but they were all very sweet and seemingly appreciative that I was there so they could play. They even asked if I would come back-- merely out of politeness, I'm sure. They were probably scheming madly who they could recruit in a weeks time to keep me OFF the field! lol. I don't blame them a bit. It's not my forte but it was good fun, just the same. My children informed me that I need LOTS of practice and wasn't doing such a good job. HA! Leave it to them to tell it like it is! Everyone else's "good effort!", " good eye!" "good hustle!" were slammed by reality from my kidlets! lol.

So today we have errands to run all over town. The kids were up until around 11pm last night and they slept in this morning until 11:40am!!!! I kept tiptoeing in to check on them but they slept HARD. It was eerily quiet ALL morning! I didn't know what to do with myself...I had some coffee, read some favorite blogs I've been missing out on lately and made a few lists (of course!).

Here's more eyecandy for you..and for me! Add to my "birthday list" if you please!

AK Anne Klein Zebra print sandals @ Nordstrom

Aerosoles FloppyDisc sandal in black@Nordstrom
love the white ones too!

This looks SOOOO yummy and full of inspiration!!! Found it on AMAZON.com. Now check out this adorable skirt. LOVE it!

I love the bermuda color set above the best...versatile, summery--LOVE it!!! Click the link to see more color/print selections.http://www.libertyworth.com/LibbyDibbySkirts.htm

Ok...last on my list today is HUGE. HUGE!!! I'd feel like I've died and gone to Heaven (ok,no. not really like THAT, but close?!?!?) if I got a package or gift certificate from SUPERBUZZY . Seriously the most inspiring, crafty/sewing site. And they're located in PORTLAND! I'd love to visit and shop in person- but their online site is amazing too. Look at all these goodies. SO dang adorable!!!! Click the pic to make it larger~ for your viewing pleasure OF COURSE!

*or* just one of THESE would suffice!

Well- that's all the fun for today. I have a long list of TO DO's and the day is quickly dwindling!



Christy said...

Heh-heh! I totally throw like a girl too so don't feel bad... at least you tried. You're a good sport and THAT'S what counts. :) LOOOVE those Nordie sandals... too, too cute! And that Superbuzzy site looks cool... I'll have to check that out later. Maddie's DYING to see "Surf's Up"... looks super cute! Love you girlie... I'll write soon! :)

Anonymous said...

Which quilt magazine? In case you didn't know quilts is my "thing" and I just love to browse the magazines in search of a new project;). Dad and Robyn's wedding quilt was by biggest project!