Dang Momparazzi.

It's hard..living with this face. I mean..look at me.
I'm a handsome guy.
People are always trying to take my picture.
Pinch my cheeks.
Ruffle my 'do.
But I take it..cuz..you know, they just can't help themselves.

Can you really blame them??!
Yeah..I thought not...
But MAN!
Saturday was hard. I just couldn't shake this one.
She follows me EVERYwhere.
Always snapping pics.
I try to look ugly but that's HARD.
Making faces and gross noises to put her off is tiring.
Turning my head this way and that..I get a sore neck and she coos over the cool new angle.
I get a little frustrated.

I try to take pointers from the stars and pretend she's not there.
Just be chill.
And then I take another pointer and just give the Momarazzi one nice smile/pose thinking that will be enough. That she'll have her shot and LEAVE.
Here you go!

Listen...I gave you a nice picture. Now back off.
oh right. You're still my Mom.
Back off...please?

Still snapping away are we?
Two can play this game..
I'll now only give you nostril shots.
...see how you like that...

Ok. Thinking about it...I don't want too many shots of myself out there in the public like that.... so I'll show off the big guns instead!
Oooooohhhh Yeeaaaahhhhh!

~little dude


Christy said...

Sarah, Sarah...oh, Sarah! Seriously, you make me laugh, funny girl! Poor, poor Matthew...the things we moms put our chillins' through. Maddie can relate, I'm sure. ;)

Kate said...

Hilarious. That Matthew- we love him so much!!!!

"m" said...

Bring him over and we can gang up on him! ;) We even have an old John Deere tractor here right now for a prop! Cool Dude! xoxo