Isn't that how it goes??
Anywho. But seriously...does anyone remember Becca and Corky??

Again- as I said...ANYwho...
SO! Here's the tidbits!

I spent the last two weeks at home because my kids (and myself,briefly) were sick with SALMONELLA poisoning. From the infamous Peanut Butter. Dude- you heard it right. Tainted peanut butter from Wallyworld. My kids ingest so much pb it's CRAZY. Daily pb&j and sometimes breakfast too. Pb toast, pb crackers, pb celery... yep. And I'm one to get hungry and decide to just take a teaspoon to the jar for a quick protein boost. Did that a few times that I can recall. Luckily, I didn't get the fever, aches, nausea, vomitting,etc. that my kids did. I just lost my appetite for a good week or so. QUICK! Someone get me MORE tainted pb! I could stand to lose my appetite a little more frequently! KIDDING of course.

So yeah- NOT FUN. But we're done. We're cozying up to tuna fish now... keep you posted on mercury counts at a later date.

Here's some layouts I did when I went....brace yourselves...SCRAPPING! Last weekend I was able to go hang out with some of my local girls for the afternoon/evening and scrap away. I decided to try using the sketches in the Top 10 issue of CK. I've never really put any thought into actually utilizing all of those sketches they provide...until now. So i did it for kicks. Kinda fun- but I felt this inner-rebellion to NOT follow them the whole time. lol.

The last one is missing some "oomph" but I didn't take my sequins, ribbons, paint,etc. Just the basics. So I'll jazz this one up before it gets in the book. Nothing fancy-schmancy, but that's three pages done. I did ALOT of talking, eating (mmmm. the SPREAD there was the best! 3 different kinds of homemade quiche, 2 soups, a fancy chicken almond salad, coffee, soda, tea, cookies and fudge, snack mix, fresh veggies and dip...it was amazingly delish) and just an overall nice time that was VERY much needed after many days of holding hair back, stooped over child & toilet. Yep. Very nice indeedy.

Here's my other baby-- he's cute. And he cleans up his OWN regurgitation...what's not to like?? sorry. that was bad.

More Soon!




Christy said...

Omg girlie - Salmonella??? SO scary! Had no idea you could even get Salmonella poisoning from PB... how bizarre. Glad to hear everyone's okay though... what an ordeal! And WOW - those layouts rock girl! So glad to see you got in a little "creative" time... FINALLY, lol! Been missing your work like crazy so this is quite a treat! :)

Courtney said...

oh my gosh - so loving the scrappiness :) You know how I feel about that dang peanut butter. those poor kidlets!

oh ok - so your dog... we must talk. is that a pug??? We have a black lab and my dd wants a small dog of her own. I think she would love this little one . . . tell the details. easy to train? good with kids?

peace - is it like 17 days???