How's THAT for a eye grabbing post title?!
Sorry I've been MIA lately-- keeping very busy! Nothing new in the mix really- just spreading my time a little more evenly in things of life. Plus most of my quiet time has been spent reading the last few weeks. Which I've been relishing... here's what I've had on my nightstand/coffeetable lately...

And we're still working through Charlotte's Web with the kidlets each night too...

STILL no scrappin' getting done lately. grrrr. I want to. Need to. Must set aside some time, I think. I *did* make a custome baby album for someone, so it left me wanting MORE! lol. Perhaps Sunday night...we'll see. But until then, I'll keep the fire burning with these two lovelies I picked up today at Borders...

Just briefly looking through them both- they look AMAZING! Can't wait to sip on some coffee or tea and just savor each and every page...
Robert has drill at the Firestation tonite, so I'm going to feed the kidlets, play a game and read with them and then tuck 'em in for the night! After that the world is my oyster!!! Well. ok. Maybe not the WORLD- but I can read, or clean (wahoo.), or fold clothes (wawahoo.) or just be a vegetable in front of the ol' tv. OR I could actually scrapbook! Novel concept. But that would mean cleaning up my desk from the slew of clothes I'm prepping listings for and finding a place for all the carefully sorted, pressed items. ugh. Whatever I do- I don't think I'll last long- my eyes are already burning! SOOO pathetic!
We have a busy weekend ahead of us. Tomorrow the hubster has a job interview (please pray- this would be an INCREDIBLE blessing to us!) and then later in the day we're driving up to Portland to stay with my sister and her brood. Spending the night then going to a Creation conference all day Saturday. That should be really interesting and fun! Looking forward to it... Then home Saturday night- on Sunday, church- then going out to my mom and dads for a birthday celebration for my OTHER sister and then after that, heading over to a Superbowl party with our church College crew. WHEW! I'm tired already!!! Nah- it'll be fun--I'm excited about all of it!
Well- I'll try and be better about posting little tidbits throughout the week again..but don't hold your breath either! lol.


Anonymous said...

I think you might enjoy this site, when I stumbled across it I thought of you.


Christy said...

Hiya sweets! Tried to post earlier today but it wouldn't let me for some reason. Weird. ANYWHO, *just* walked in the door and got your lovely lil' card in the mail - LOVED it! Very scrappy like... so cute! And you are so very welcome. Glad to hear little miss "J" is getting lots of use outta her new stinky faux uggs, lol!. :)
Oh my, you HAVE been doing a lot of reading, haven't you? Wish I liked to read but it puts me to sleep EVERY time. Doh.
Yes, DO scrap something... ANYTHING, would you already??!!! Geez! I'm dying to see some new schtuff. :)
We'll definitely be praying for Bob that he gets this job - how exciting! Keep us posted, k?
Well sweets, this is turning into yet another novel (lol!)... have a great weekend! Love you and think about you ALL the time! xoxo

Courtney Delaura said...

praying for interview.
jealous of your reading time.
have a blessed weekend. . .
a month yippeeeee:)