See Ya Later, Dec-o-rator!

Ok.... anyone watching Bravo's TOP DESIGN show? You know, first there was Project Runway, then Top Chef, now Top Design.
There's a designer on there- Jonathan Adler. Talented, yes. But...saying this as kindly as I can...everytime I see him/hear him I can't help but think he's somehow related to Gomer Pile. Did I spell Gomer Pile right?? Golllllleeeee, Sarge! Ok- I only vaguely remember Gomer but evidently he's left a lifelong impression because he IMMEDIATELY came to mind the first time I saw Top Design's Adler. I just giggle everytime the camera pans to him because his mannerisms, his accent... he's like the city mouse to Gomer's country mouse...refined by city-life by just a smidge. And- everytime Adler and his judging panel dismiss another designer- he sends them off saying with a twang..."see you later..dec-o-rator!" all sing-songy like, despite the fact he's shattered that poor persons hopes and aspirations!

Anyway... just a fleeting thing, as I've just been watching all my TIVO'd goodies and Top Design was one of them...Isn't your life a little richer now?? lol.
Something of more substance/interest soon...maybe!

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Christy said...

Hee! You are SO funny girl! Haven't seen/heard of this show yet (sounds like a good one) and I have no idea who Gomer Pile is... tells ya how out of the loop I am, lol! Love when you post... I get lil' glimpses into your daily life and I love that! Have a great weekend sweets! :)