Pretty INTENSE color for an entry...this red.
But that's how I'm feeling right now..inTENSE, ya'll.
Just got home from the gym.
Took a hardcore class and I do believe I might die, right here in this chair.
I seemed to have made it off the bike, briefly felt my knees shudder from the added weight of friendly, kudos-back slaps after class, outta the gym, drove home...and here I am. I think my husband will come home in 5 hours and find me here- hopefully conscious.

30 minutes of INTENSE cycling. Crazy instructor- she actually LAUGHED at us when we groaned and then screamed like a banshee "iwannaseebootyshakinlegsflying-higher RPMs-sweatrollinoffyerface NOWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!" her voice resonating off the walls and her lips quivering in a nasty snarl.
but you know- the fear of her kept me going. real. fast.
I don't think I've ever seen my legs moving so fast..in.my.life.
I kept looking down in amazement- but then that would make me lose focus/balance and that's just bad.

There were 50+ year old women in there. HARDCORE ladies.
Ladies that made me feel shameful for grimacing at any point during class. These same women hopped off their bikes after stretching and then went downstairs and started on the stairclimbers at such a crazy pace you'd think someone was after them to do them harm.

BUT- there were quite a few ladies that made me feel welcome and gave advice. Like go home, take a hot/cold shower, Advil and don't stop moving or you'll turn into the tinman without oiled joints. Nice. But they were swell. And the instructor, came off that platform and I had to do a double take almost. She was this tiny, sweet girl- super cute, friendly... it's rather scary how she tucked away the instructor-from-hades in her back pocket as she hopped off that bike and came over, grinning. Yipes.

One last thing. A word of advice for anyone considering a cycling class that is of the female gender, pertaining to what NOT to wear to class...
yep. learned that one the hard way.



Christy said...

I CANNOT *believe* you wore lacey, thong undies to Spin class... you silly, silly girl you! What were you thinking?? Ha-ha! Isn't Spin a total but kicker?? Seriously. I wanted to DIE my first time! I don't think I've ever worked out SO hard in my life. I really like the idea of a 30 minute class versus a 60 minute like ours is (*was* I should say.. when I WAS going, lol!) Can you imagine though?? Keep up the great work girlie... I'm PROUD of you! You're gonna be a lean-mean-cyclin'-machine SOON! Lub ya! :)

Kate said...

Oh my gosh sis, that was one of the funniest things I've read in a long time. (Sorry.) Probably funnier because it wasn't me. I do feel your pain; I am sore from-how completely pathetic is this?!?- boxing Chris on the Nintendo Wii. I know!My old volleyball coach would roll over and die. Laughing.