Good Times

We went the beach this weekend...sorta spontaneous but much needed. We needed a little family get-away. It was the first time we'd gone to the beach since Robert's accident almost two years ago. It was difficult yet theraputic at the same time. Josie had the most anxiety, which we didn't expect. So it hit us rather hard...sobering and heartbreaking. My kids were there, on the beach, when Robert had his surf accident. They were there, watching people drag him out of the water and clamoring around him. Watching him lay there, unable to move. Watching paramedics take him away. Sitting in the ER with new family friends-- because I was in Portland, completely unaware (until he was at the hospital).
So this trip, we get a room right on the beach. Open the sliding door and there we were. Robert and I walked out and called for the kids to come out onto the patio and look at the water. Matthew came out right away- Josie had a complete meltdown. Complete. Shaking, crying, sobbing- shrieking- we had to carry her out and she fought against us. She remembered instantly and to her the beach was scary. I wanted to cry right there. But instead we had to reassure her. And gradually she was ok. Matthew was a great big brother, the next morning walking out there and telling her it would be ok- that he'd hold her hand and not let go, if that's what she wanted. So sweet. My sweet little man.
It was a really,really nice trip. Short but sweet.
We let the kids swim in the hotel pool, jump on the beds, eat junk, sleep late, went to MO's chowder house (of COURSE!), skipped rocks, watched Robert get pooped on by a seagull (bwaahaaaha!), went to a thrift store and headed home.
We're planning another trip for early summer...and we're ALL excited about it!


autum said...

What a beautiful photo.

Christy said...

Awww, poor Josie... that makes me so sad for her. Glad she was eventually okay with it and able to enjoy herself. And what a sweet, GOOD big bro' Matthew is! LOVE that pic... total sweetness! Can't wait to see the lo that follows, hint-hint, lol! :)

Kate said...

Love, love, love our little Matthew and Josie. And you and Bob. We are so fortunate to have you in our lives. Your post was just a reminder.