I just love Thursdays, don't YOU?!
It means I get to work from home.
It means I volunteer at my kidlets' school.
It means schlepping around the house.
It means meandering in thrift stores.
It means Grey's Anatomy.

Speaking of yum...

Aren't those the most adorable two little pieces of 49 cent bric-a-brac thrift goodness you've ever laid eyes on?!?! Hellllooooo?! Dead ringer for those cute Anthropologie cups- but from the looks of these- they've been lovingly sipped from for a VERY long time. I adore them.

And...as I was out and about, I passed scenery that was pretty and just screamed "SPRING!".

Daffodils, outrageously green pastures, gorgeous fields with blue sky as their backdrop...oh. And a green VW van. SPRING!

I started the day by volunteering at school. Then, I had to go up to work for just a bit today. Then to the bank. Then to a couple thrifts. Then had lunch with the hubster at Roadhouse. uh...YUM! Grilled veggies and half of a turkey bacon club. Then I went to Old Navy and got the hubster a few things for our Cali trip next weekend. Then home.

And... I finally unloaded all the scrap-goodness that I got last weekend in Portland. Snapped a couple photos so you can see how gluttonous I was... hey- I *SAVED UP* for this little ditty- so I have no guilt.

almost. that's ALOT o' stuff!

Ok. Going to watch THE HOLIDAY with my man, eat some popcorn and Hot Tamales and peruse a few magazines before I pass out for the night!

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