Sac Town, Good Food, Fat Jeans...in that order.

Yeah- so Sacramento was the MOST fun! Had a fabulous trip with our friends~ lots of good conversation and laughs. Good connecting time. Once we got there, we spent most of Friday hanging out with friends who live there. Took us to the Galleria mall (oh. my.) to eat delish salad with tri-tip and shop.

**That's Cadee, Jennie and Kim...and my GINORMOUS salad! :)
Shop, shop, shop.
Then we went for coffee and talked for a while. Cleaned up at the hotel and went to the opening night for the conference (The Truth Project). Man, it was sooooo riveting. LOVED this conference. It hit on so many points that Robert and I have been discussing. That have been on our hearts and minds. So it was an affirmation that we're listening to God and going in the right direction. SUCH a cool feeling. Plus, to be in a room full of others embracing this is amazing. I could ooze excitement for a good long while, so I'll just STOP. Visit the site- watch the trailer- it's good stuff.

We fit in MORE shopping and ate at Claimjumpers, Rubios, and a yummy Italian rest. at the galleria that I've forgotten the name of. Dare I say however, that the Olive Garden, in comparison, wins HANDS DOWN. It was still fun!
With all the good food, including hot breakfasts every morning at the hotel- the fat pants are ready to be worn. ugh. Gotta hit the gym HARD now.

But the trip was like FUEL to my soul. THat sounds so silly, but it truly was. Spiritually, mentally, creatively, physically (obviously)- it gave me renewed energy and passion. I wanted to come home and DIG IN to so many different areas of my life. First and foremost, I wanted to eat my children UP! Missed them SOOOOO much! We talked about them the entire trip and we just couldn't wait to pick them up and snuggle with them!

My parents were WONDERFUL and took them for a few days for this trip, and it was such a relief to know they were having fun with Nanny and Papa while we were away!
And Pepper stayed with Susie and Dave-- I hope he was good! He sure was happy to be home! He trotted around, nuzzling all of us and then curled up and slept forever!! Thanks again for watching our brood, guys!! You are a blessing to us!!

SO...we're back home. Back to the regular ol' grind. Crazy paced but I wouldn't have it any other way...

Be back soon. Hopefully with pictures..of....SOMEthing. ANYthing. How boring are no-picture posts??!


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Courtney DeLaura said...

so glad you had a fab time.
fuel for the soul - I need some of that! big time :)

mucho loveo