Love finding vintage books at the thrift store!
These are a few I've picked up lately. My little collection is growing and it's just one of those little things that make me happy.
I *adore* books with illustrations by Eloise Wilkin and Jessie Willcox Smith among others. Books from the 20s through the 50s are the best- such whimsical pictures!
And then there's the old teen romance books from the 40s and 50s-- LOVE those!

Only 2 more days until Creating Keepsakes Convention in Portland!! Woot! It's going to be A LOT of fun-- cannot wait. I've already mentioned it numerous times, so I'll spare you this entry! lol. I *must* remember to take more pictures this year!! Especially since I'll be meeting up with Court this time..gotta get some goofy shots to scrapbook (of course!)!!

Went to the doctor about some arm weakness/numbness I've been having for about 2 months or more. It seems I have a trapped Ulnar nerve (around my elbow) and so with any exercise or things like keeping it in the same position for a while-- my arm is numb for HOURS. It's crazy. It's been worse since I started working out more frequently so I thought I should get it checked out. From the sounds of it I should be able to rehabilitate it fairly easily. And if that doesn't work they'll go in a scrape my bone so that the nerve has plenty of room to move..neato.

REALLY feeling like I'm in a good place lately. Despite crazy, stressful stuff going on day in and day out-- somehow I'm pleasantly surprised at my calm/happy demeanor. I know God has got everything under control and is with me all the time. He knows how these silly situations will resolve before they even happen- SUCH a relief! Still, there's those times where you just want to HANDLE it. There's a "thing" and you've gotta DEAL WITH IT somehow...that human side of us wants that control over things. I've been better about giving "it" up to Him and just riding it out- soooo much better! And it makes me content. He knows WHAT I need, WHEN I need it. He knows my heart- my dreams, aspirations, wants...and He provides in His time. Since accepting that more readily, life is just very,very GOOD!

My Bella Balloon flops are doing well. I've made 9 pair so far with a few people saying they'll be emailing soon with orders... I love it! So cool to find a little niche, even if only for a little while and see it succeed! Also, my Ebay efforts have been a blessing for us lately. I've been able to pay some dental visits in full and just get little things for the kids and the house as I find we need them- and it's a nice feeling. I took a break from listing much this week due to the hectic pace of things, but I'll kick it back into gear next week for sure. Looking forward to it!

Well, I'm in need of a shower after going to the gym. We have church tonite...pizza dinner fellowship beforehand..should be fun!



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Christy said...

What a GREAT find those vintage books are! I really should take a trip to the thrift store one of these days... can't even remember the last time I went. I guess I just got so discouraged after time after time of not finding anything. YOU on the other my dear make out like a bandit every time - good job! *And* SO exciting about the Scrapbook Convention! Take lots of pics and don't spend too much money, ha - just kidding! Can't wait to see all your goodies! Have a WONDERFUL time girlie! Love ya! :)