TILT 7/27/06

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Things I Love Thursday! I love that I haven't killed any of the plants I have indoors or out this year! WOOT! Check out my cherry tomatoes! They're LOADED. Cannot WAIT. My Aloe almost fried but I saved it. My spider plant starts croaked but after some nursing and tending, new shoots appeared and it's now thriving. All my annuals (with the exception of the three miniature dahlias the slugs chomped) are doing really well too--filling out, lots of flowers and lush foliage. Of course, I've let some weeds flourish too...need to get those under control! But...I'm thinking perhaps my thumb isn't so black afterall!

ANOTHER thing I love...my online friends. LOVE them. Christy surprised me by getting a group of scrappin' girlies to create birthday tags for me! They posted them online on my birthday with little messages and it TOTALLY made my day! Made me feel so special!

Well- it's another busy day! Taking the kids to VBS (if I can get out- the construction going on here is becoming an annoyance) and then back home to get some Ebay listings done and maybe. JUST maybe finish cleaning up my studio space. I know...I keep saying that. And I keep thinking about it. And keep wishing it were done... so I'll have to get going on it so I'll shut up about it already!


ScrapbooksbyKarrilee said...

Hey there!?

I know what you mean about a black thumb... I rarely seem to be able to keep indoor plants alive... and my dh is the one with the green thumb and the love of weeding... yes - it is true - something about how it is therapeutic or something... so what that normally means is I get to enjoy a lush gorgeous garden sitting area without having to do all the work!? But - not so this summer... at least not recently! My hubby broke his hand and so is not able to spend as much time in the garden as he would like! I have a new found respect for gardening and much to my own surprise - loved planting and potting and yes - just a tiny bit - even a little weeding too!?

Hope you were able to get the kids to VBS... my little one (who is not so little anymore) went last week and this week she is taking a Baby Sitting class... which means more time for weeding I suppose?!


Christy said...

Okay, first off I am SO envious of your green thumb! Just look at those cherry tomatoes - they look SO DANG GOOD! I think I am the master of black thumb... I seriously have killed EVERYTHING I've ever tried to grow! I'm a lost cause - oy!

And I'm oh-so-glad you enjoyed your b-day surprise! You are so deserving of a special day where others honor and cherish the sweet person that YOU are my friend! LOVE YOU! And I'll get those sent out to ya just as soon as I get 'em in my hot lil' hands! :)

P.S. Please, please, PLEEEAAASE tell me you got my e-mails yesterday? I re-sent the three from before... if you didn't I'm about to have a MAJOR BF (bitch fit, lol)

P.S.S. And what time do you usually go to sleep? Ya know.. just in case I wanna call ya sometime in the evening... :)