What The...?!

My links on the right (Where to Find Me) aren't working all of the sudden. What gives?! They worked when I tested them getting this baby set up...(sigh). If you have input, feel free to hit me with it 'k?
ETA: Fixed 'er up! They work now!
It's been a pretty relaxed weekend here. NICE! Haven't done much of anything- Matthew went to spend the night with his cousins on Friday night. We took Josie out for chinese (didn't get Thai afterall.But dinner was GOOD) and she had a wonderful time with just Mommy and Daddy. Came home and watched the end of Napoleon Dynamite with Josie..JUST in time for Pedro's speech and Napoleon's dance scene. Niiicccce! Josie and I danced around the room being silly- then we watched the first half of Racing Stripes. She crashed. I crashed. We crashed and didn't get up until 10 this morning!!!

Spent the day being lazy. Stared at my messy studio space and thought "yeaahhh. I should work on this today." and just kindasorta still stayed in a sitting position for a looonnng time! lol. Watered my plants, went to Walmart for a basket and lipgloss. We had Taco Bell for dinner. Watched The Village again on tv while I surfed the 'net... I forgot how interesting that movie was!

I rejoined an ebay support site that I used to participate in (it's been about a year since I've been there) and I think it'll be a good prodding to get moving again on SERIOUS sales. Excellent advice, research is shared- it's a bunch of work-at-home moms that support each other in this crazy Ebay endeavor! I've already been warmly welcomed back--and that's always nice!

Tomorrow we have church, then home again for another quiet day. I hope to be a little more productive though! We'll see!

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