RAK Winnings

RAK Winnings
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I like to blog surf…especially blogs of scrapbook afficianados like myself! Fun to see current pages, ideas, their inspiration and just get a little view of their personality and daily life… it’s fun! One of my faves (HANNI) posted a little RAK a week or so ago on her blog… I posted but never expected to win. I just don’t have much luck winning things! But it’s still fun to participate- so I posted. Her cute sidekick, Miyagi (adorable dog!) pulled the winning number and it was MINE!

A few days ago- this box of lovliness arrived and I just couldn’t believe her generousity! AMAZING! LOVE my Alex Tee…can’t wait to wear that! And just TONS of fun product to use. I feel so blessed!

Thanks again Hanni-girl! I dig ya the mostest! AND Miyagi OF COURSE!!!!

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Christy said...

OH MY GAW...!!! Totally drooling here girlie! Just look at all that yummy scrappy goodness... stamps, rub-ons, ribon, an Alex tee... I think you've died and gone to sb heaven, lol! I'm SO glad you won! Have fun with it! :)
Love you!