Good Times For A Change...

...So please,please, please- let me, let me,let me
get what I want this time...
~"Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want", The Smiths, Louder Than Bombs album

Yep...it was a good day for me today! A rough start- as expected, the kidlets did NOT want to get up this morning. But I got them up,fed,bathed,dressed and out the door in record time! They had a great time at Vacation Bible School!

While they were there I treated myself to an iced coffee, then went to a few thrift stores in search of wide mouth canning jars for my ribbon collection. Scored 5 of them at the first store for a dollar! LOVE when I find exactly WHAT I want, WHEN I want it!! Took them home, threw them in the dishwasher and wrapped up some Ebay stuff for shipping. Cleaned bathroom sinks and toilets/behind toilets (blech. This was the FlyLady Mission today. HATE this one). Did some laundry. Pulled some weeds. FOLDED/put away some laundry (STOP the presses! This is ME we're talkin' about here!). Picked up the kids after lunch and we headed to Walmart to pick up a new swimsuit for Josie--that girl is growing like crazy! Stopped at the Post Office to ship some packages, then headed home.

While the kidlets played I vaccuumed, folded some more clothes while watching some Dr.Phil and made some White Pear Iced Tea (very good by the way!). Then my mom and dad stopped by with some goodies for me! They had picked up some chocolate at a German bakery (?-sorry mom. can't remember what store you said it was) in Portland last week and now I can savor a little piece each day for 8 days! And- if you're a fan of NUTELLA..you'll LOVE these!
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I'm too scared to look at the calorie content...but hey, it's my birthday week. One a day keeps old age away~ ..well, I wish! lol. In addition to these wonderful treats, they brought me some things I've been wanting to add around the house! Shutters, big and small and a great old window frame. Can't wait to clean 'em up, paint 'em out and see them on display!
Here they are waiting for me...
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See my Tom kitty lazing next to them...love that little guy. So loyal and sweet. He's yet ANOTHER treasure my parents have given us!! I took a quick shot while standing in the dining area, looking out from behind my sliding door screen and it turned out kinda cool...a "screenshot"
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I'm going to put the window frame in my living room- some architectural interest. The living room needs something...different. It doesnt' feel "me" right now. Hasn't for quite a while. I set the frame up on the mantle to get a feel for having it in the room. It's going to be fun! You'll have to excuse the ugly couch..the slipcover is in the wash!
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Tomorrow's Agenda:
  • Drop kidlets at VBS
  • Pick up a couple more canning jars for ribbon
  • Work on studio space some more
  • Work on my Bella Carte Designs web page
  • More Laundry
  • Take pix of Ebay inventory
  • Pull more Weeds
  • Mow Grass
  • Babysit B&K
  • FlyLady Mission
  • etc.etc.etc.

Another busy day! Only 5 more days until my birthday! I don't feel 32... my metabolism begs to differ, but otherwise.. I'm feeling spiivvy!


Benita said...

Love those shuttles & window that you got....great find! Love your room, too. Happy Birthday (early).....hope you have a great one :)

melissa said...

WOW you were so productive!! those candy bars look yummy-enjoy :) love your shutters too

Wendy Reed said...

Oh man, you are so lucky girl to have great thrift stores like that. Ours never have anything old and cool! Sweet score for you! :o)

And uh... dang why did you have to share that chocolate with us? LOL

Adrienne said...

You have been BUSY!!!!

Susan said...

love the window on your mantle...fun idea. Hope you have a great birthday

Sherri said...

I LOVE the photo of the shutters on your bench! GREAT photo. LOVE the window in the living room. Will be an AWESOME added touch. Very kewl!

Christy said...

Oh how I do LOVE that Smiths song! Reminds me of back in the day when Ken and I were VERY young and just starting to date... it was his fave song and soon mine. :) Okay, moving onward... ha-ha! You totally scored with those windows/shutters girl! Love the way the vintage window looks sitting on your mantle like that! SO COOL! I've been wanting to get one similar and maybe add some photos too? Can't wait to see 'em once they're all painted and spiffed up! And that chocolate?? YUUUMM! That looks SO GOOD! You're just evil, you know that... pure evil! HA!:)
Love ya!