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SCENIC ROUTE= PURE happiness in my book! Love, love, LOVE their papers! I've seen other product of theirs online but our lss doesn't carry anything other than papers. BOO! But I love what I DO have... SO wonderful to work with. I started a page tonite using some... hopefully it'll get finished and I'll post it later!

And how about these gorgeous bits from Basic Grey?! Oh. My. Heavens. CANNOT WAIT to get my hands on all of these-- hello?! Beautiful, lovely, sweetness... BG just does it right...(happy sigh)
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Am I right or am I right?!

Ok...for the nonscrappy viewers out there...I'm done for now! I have a serious addiction to beautiful papers. What more can I say ("NOTHING!" they beg!)?!
Any Grey's Fans here?? Check this Cool Video out! LOVED watching this...and cannot WAIT for next season.

SO! dumdada Duuuuuummmmmm!
The hubster and I are celebrating our 13 year Anniversary this weekend!! Amazing. I can't believe it's been that long- in yet- looking back- we've gone through so much together and that takes TIME! lol. Can't wait for our 15th, babe!!!!! SO cool...
He's my best friend and confidante. He takes more crap than he should and still loves me. He's the BEST daddy EVER. SO lucky and blessed that God brought us together. That "Guy up there" really DOES know what He's doing- the ultimate matchmaker!...Seriously!

TGIF Everybody!!


melissa said...

I totally agree scenic route and BG have some amazingly beautiful fun pp coming out :)

Happy Anniversary!!

Jane said...

Happy Anniversary!!! I LOVE that Scenic Route Paper, it's gorgeous!!!!

laura O'Donnell said...

thanks for the great product peeks!

Jennifer Stewart said...

Happy happy anniversary, Sarah and dh!!!! :D

And whew....those papers are amazing, huh? I want some, too!

Jen :)

Mye said...

Isn't the new Scenic Route just yummy....I gotta get me some too!

Adrienne said...

I LOVE their papers!!!!

Sofia said...

Happy anniversary!

The SR papers are so fantabulous! I called my LSS yesterday and they said that they wouldn't be receiving stuff from CHA for another 4-6 weeks. I'm getting impatient knowing that online stores already have them. Oy!

Sue said...

Those papers are gorgeous! :)

Happy Anniversary!!

Christy said...

Oooh! Me too, me too... I'll take one of each PLEASE! Aren't these new SR and BG pp's totally without a doubt SCRUMPTIOUS!!! CANNOT WAIT to get my hands on those baby's! Yeah, I think it's safe to say I share your same love affair for pp - it's my weakness!

WHOOOOOO-HOOOOO!!! Congrats on 13 years you two little lovebirds! (I just got done posting about ours). I pray you guys will be continue to be blessed with a lifetime of happiness and His love, strength and guidance! Have a WONDERFUL day celebrating your love! Love you guys!

ScrapbooksbyKarrilee said...

Hey there!?

Yes... Scenic Route and Basic Grey are among my FAVs!!!! I LOVE them! I have a 'problem' with Patterened Paper?! LOL!? That's what my dh calls it - I call it a fetish... or an obsession... whatever you call it - it manifests itself BIG TIME in the Scrapbook Store!? LOL! I just got back from Boise, ID and I went to a lss there - and since they are in Boise... they had almost ALL the new Chatterbox "Rooms"... LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!!

I will be celebrating my 14th Anniversay in October... I feel the same way about my dh... and tiem does seem to go by so fast... Congrats!

Happy Scrapping!