50cent ROCKS

Actually- I just forgot the "-s" on that cents part! But I thought it might make some of you say "huh? I didn't know she's a rap lover?!" Yeah.....
...I'm a dork. Whatevs, yo! lol.

So WHAT does my title mean exactly? It means that we went garage saling this morning and 50 cents brings ALOT of happiness! We found this little Polly Pocket Fashion convertible purse toy for Josie and she's just been in heaven playing with all the pieces. 50 cents got me several American Eagle tees and shorts for ME! 50 cents for a brand new GAP dress for Josie. 50 cents for several pair of Children's Place jeans for Josie for school. Unfortunately we didn't have much luck finding Matthew much for 50 cents. We spent a whopping dollar on a convertible "snake" (heaven help me, I *bought* a snake thing) that is Power Ranger related for him.

We had dropped the kidlets at Uncle Dave and Aunt Sue's house last night for a sleepover and ended up with a peaceful night of relaxation here at home! SO nice! THAI for dinner, watched a movie (AMC's Broken Trail, a western=very well done! LOVE me some Robert Duvall! SUCH a good actor!)and then let the dog run amuck in the yard while we drank iced coffees and talked until the sun went down. Very,very nice time with the hubster. VERY nice. Since we haven't been drinking alot of coffee lately, those iced coffees hit us HARD and we were up until around 3am! Robert played some games online and I scrapped! YEAH! FINALLY! It felt SO nice to just sit and play with my stuff, listen to some tunes and RELAX.

We woke up this morning- went to some garage sales and then picked up the kids. They were SO excited to go home and see what treasure we'd found for them! It's a nice feeling to get a huge hug and see them get excited over a cheap little trinket. Josie has continued to thank us off and on all evening "thank you for got me the Polly Pocket toy at the gahge sale, mama!" with kisses and hugs.

Took them to see a matinee of ANT BULLY with Chris & Jocelyn and their kids. I'm not sure how much Josie liked the movie but Matthew belly laughed his way through it! Afterward we let the kids run around the McD's play area to tire 'em out and then we headed home!

And here we are...Josie playing with her "new" Polly Pocket (we're getting a little collection going here now..), Matthew playing the arcade, pugster laying at my feet and me? I'm wrapping this up so I can grab a bite to eat, make a pasta salad for our church picnic tomorrow and then hopefully scrapbook some MORE!

It's been a very nice weekend...loved every minute!


Christy said...

3 A.M.??? Holy cow girl... you sound like me, lol! Sounds like you guys had a really nice evening with just the two of you. It's so nice that ya'll are able to trade off like that every once in a while! *AND* I'm trying to wait ever so patiently to see that lo of yers - hint, hint! :)

Dude, you totally scored at the garage sales! I can't even remember the last time I went to a garage sale... it's been YEARS! I loved it when I lived up north cuz you could just walk around your neighborhood and there'd be like 5 - JACKPOT!!! Here, you have to look in the paper to see where they're located and actually get in your car and drive there. Talk about work, lol! I should do that next weekend - that sounds like fun! And Madison is TOTALLY in love with Polly Pockets too! Her fave are the Disney Princess ones - has Josie seen those? She has a HUGE bucket just full of 'em! They'd have a blast playing together!

HOLY MOLY - look how long this post is!!! Sorry. I better end this before it turns into another e-mail, lol! Love you!

ScrapbooksbyKarrilee said...

OK... you got me on the Title... LOL! I HAD to read! Sounds like a WONDERFUL weekend... haven't done much Yard Saling here... but you may have just inspired me to get up on Friday and hit a few here!

Happy Scrappin'!