I've Moved!

Got tired of Wordpress and having it make me feel completely inept- so I opted for a more user-friendly (and free!) blog service. Hopefully BLOGGER will be nice to me. We'll see!

So for those of you that have my blog saved under your favorites- please make sure to change the address to this one!


Christy said...

WOO-HOO! I'm poppin' open the champagne! Your new blog looks GREAT girlie... and now everyone can see that GORGEOUS mug of yours! Hope you have much better luck with blogger... I've heard *only* good things about it! I'll write tomorrow!


Christy said...

FYI - you may already know this, but your blog isn't allowing any anonymous comments - I had to go sign up and obtain a password before I could leave a comment. Just thought I'd let ya know in case you didn't! :)