TILT: Passion for Fashion

I was going to post last night after watching the premiere of Project Runway but I was TOO stinkin' tired! But it all worked out because it's THINGS I LOVE THURSDAY! And if there's one thing I'm lovin' right now it's a new season of PROJECT RUNWAY! I'm such a glutton for this show... Above is my favorite right now: Alison Kelly. Not only is she a fashion designer, but she sews, she models, she's a photographer... the girl seems mad talented. Plus...look how dang cute she is!! Hope she makes it through the season!
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On the other hand- there's this freak, Malan on there... this dude SCARES me. He reminds me of a scary Tim Burton/Tim Curry combo somehow. Slimey, fake accented, snake eyed dude, that one...

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I savored the first episode- great ensemble of designers, can't WAIT for the drama to unfold!

~*So today was day one of my Project Renewal! Off to a nice start- ate well, spent lots of time with the kids, got a few things at the scrapbook store to make some custom mini albums, worked in the yard, read a devotion and just talked to God alot throughout the day. I'm tired- but it all felt really,really GOOD.*~

WHile at the scrapbook store I stole a peek at the new books by Elsie and Ali... Man,oh Man! I can't afford them right now but they're both SO delicious! Vibrant pages, wonderful insight...just loved what I saw! They're on my "wish list" now!
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Well- I'm off! Going to work on cleaning up my messy studio space so I'm not left in Christy's dust! lol. Then, if I'm still chugging away- perhaps pull some stuff out and play! (fingers crossed!)


autum said...

I agree, Malan, creepy!!

ScrapbooksbyKarrilee said...

Hey there...

"Found" you via Melody's Blog from Chatterbox... I am a PNWer too... LOVE LOVE LOVE Project Runway... missed the Season Premier!? My dh is not such a fan... and it really bothers him that I enjoy it! LOL! (not to mention our fashionable daughter as well...?!) Who can take Santino's place!? And - yeah - what ABOUT Andrea?! I am sure I will be able to watch a rerun of the Season Premier this week!

Anyway - it's nice to 'meet' you... seems as though we have many interests in common! Scrapbooking, Creating, Kids, Great husbands, attempting a healthier approach to life, talking with God... all good!!!

Have a great Friday!

Christy said...

HA! You are too funny girlie! That's right, I still owe you pics don't I - TOTALLY spaced - *and* an e-mail, which I hope to get both to ya tomorrow. Oh yes, Elsie's new book IS to die for!!! I lub it and you will too... so insiring!