Happy Belated B-day, Baby!!

Yesterday was my hubsters b-day but I couldn't log on to my original blog to post anything! DRAT! What to do? What to do?? Oh yes! Start a NEW blog! So there's still 10minutes left to this day-- so right NOW is my hubsters b-day (uh- for 10 more minutes, mind you, then it's back to the ball and chain,mister!)!! Hope your day was a good one, sweety!

This man does SO much for us! The BEST father- always hugging, always there, always encouraging our children to be kind and sensitive. He's the BEST hubster- he has put up with SO much from me, and he still loves me. Still does romantic things for me to show he cares. Still reaches for my hand, still brings me flowers, still laughs off my grumbling-so-not-a-morning-person antics as he hands me a coffee. Cleans the house, cooks, does dishes....He's truly amazing and I'm blessed he's MINE!

He's been physically pummeled by health issues since last Summer- from his surf accident, where we could've easily almost lost him- to his current battle with Cancer. He's strong, he's determined and God has some AMAZING things in store for him! I don't think he knows how much he is loved. And that's my fault- for not saying it enough. Taking for granted that he knows I love him. We've been through so very much together- and overcome, drawn closer, become truly best of friends. On July 31st, we will have been married 13 years! Can't believe it!!! But it's exciting! Still pluggin' along, beating all those nasty statistics- and growing and learning about this crazy thing called life, together.

Happy Birthday, Baby!


Jen said...

Happy Birthday to your DH :)
What a nice post!

Christy said...

Awww... seriously, this is the sweetest post I've ever read! I love your love... such sweetness!

Bob - from your So. Cali friends - Happy belated birthday, DUUUDE... righteous, righteouuuss! lol! Hope your day was a great one! We love you!