The 411

So...a few days ago I posted about how in awe of God I am. Especially lately.
But I didn't really go into detail about WHY.
Well, dear friends- here's the dish:

About 4 months ago or so (maybe longer)... I had a funny dream. I'll spare you the details but it was incredibley vivid and "real" and I was left in a daze over it for days afterward for two reasons.

  • I just don't dream colorful/memorable/detailed dreams much anymore. I used to but the last few years they're few and far between. SO this one- in all it's unique glory- fascinated me and left me daydreaming ABOUT the dream often. Replaying the details... loved it.
  • In a good portion of the dream- I was teaching my children at home. In a room that was obviously designated for learning. The kids each had a work space, there was a chalkboard and bulletin board with all sorts of "in progress" things on them, bookshelves filled with curriculum, fiction and cubbies of puzzles, legos, etc. It wasn't elaborate in school decor- but it was colorful and engaging...and we all seemed happy and busy.

Now, I found it intriguing but I kept it to myself. For quite a while. I didn't even share it with Robert for some time- because, quite frankly, I was scared that the very mention of the DREAM scenario of homeschooling would strike his fancy and he'd want to do it for REAL. And I wasn't sure I could handle that. It was a fanciful DREAM but I didn't think I was capable to even THINK about teaching my children. And the more I considered the idea, the more I felt I should dismiss it and NEVER tell Robert about it. It seemed silly to even contemplate the notion because I was perfectly happy with their current school and teachers. VERY content with it- I loved going and being a part of it and felt secure in WHO was teaching them and WHAT they were being taught. It's a closely knit group, the majority of whom also attend our church. So I became puzzled and exasperated as to WHY this homeschooling idea kept coming up over the next few months. I'd be reading something and it would mention it. I'd watch a television show and it would show a family that homeschooled. Stories of local people that homeschool would come up in conversation with friends and family, reading my favorite craft blogs it would be talked of... it just suddenly seemed to be hovering over me EVERYwhere!

The "breaking point" was when one night, Robert and I were both in the rec room working on our respective computers, when he said "You know what's weird? I've been thinking about homeschooling our kids lately. ALOT."

You could've pushed me over with a FEATHER. And the goosebumps didn't die down for a while either!! lol. So then I told him about my months of quiet questioning and prayer over why *I* had it on the brain and the dream that seemed to start it all- preceeded by the "ok. You're NEVER going to believe this but..." We were both in agreement that obviously we should be praying about this TOGETHER and just quietly educate ourselves on the various aspects of homeschooling- but that we wouldn't share it with anyone else until we'd make a firm decision and that no immediate decision needed to be made. Afterall, he was just as confident and secure in the kids' current school arrangements as I.

Then, almost a month ago we made the concrete decision to begin homeschooling the kids next year. We felt good about the decision. We'd been faithful in our prayer about direction, and it just felt RIGHT. At least for now. So this past week there was a meeting for the parents and teachers/administrators regarding next years school registration. We felt we should attend just to know where things would be headed since our children are still attending THIS year and who knows- our new venture may not work out for one reason or another (although I truly hope and feel that it will be successful!).

It turns out that there are many changes occurring within the school- a new location, new curriculum and the older children will be using a distance learning program from their homes. The younger children will continue to be taught by a teacher on-site at the new campus until 4th grade. The changes were made wisely for the school's current situation (fluctuation of teachers, administration,etc) and I respect the school and the leadership behind it immensely. But I have to tell you- I sat there feeling very at PEACE and SECURE because I KNEW that my direction had been from God. He had just been preparing us for the change ahead!

SO now I'm preparing things for next year! And I am just chomping at the bit- there is SO much to learn, figure out, and DO around here to get ready. But I feel good about it all. I don't have the curriculum entirely figured out yet but I have a good idea of how we'll be starting. Plus I've already talked to a few local homeschool moms that go to our church and they've invited me into their homes to see how THEY do it. To gain some insight into how they handle things, what curriculum they use, activities,etc. And I've already read so many books on the subject-- I can't even tell you how many! And the notes I've taken...pages and pages of notes, ideas, prayers...

Whether this adventure lasts through grade 12 or only for a few years, I do not know. What I *DO* know is that for now- it's what we're supposed to do. And we'll lean on God when we're unsure or faltering and He'll lead us- just as He always has.


Claire said...

Congratulations! What an exciting revelation. I love when God moves in such big ways, and am always so surprised and happy (though I should know better!) when He does it.

Good for you for recognising the pull of God and answering. I wish things were always so "clear"! (but then we wouldn't get to be so blessed by the "aha" moment, huh?)

jon said...

wow, that's so awesome!!!! I've HSed for 2 years, and its been an interesting ride. God's definately been preparing you it seems!!!! Have fun with it!

Joy Madison said...

oops, just kidding, that was me talking, not my husband:)

Courtney DeLaura said...

I am so proud of you.
as you know I think it's amazing
and i feel like your kids will
be so blessed for what you are doing. I am and will be in prayer
for you each step of the way.

lubs it


Christy said...

Wow! An awesome revelation INDEED! It's so cool how God works to prepare us for things to come. He is so amazing! I'm so proud of you for going through with this girl. I've always believed that it takes very special people to be teachers and I think even more special ones to be able to teach their OWN children. I for one, know I couldn't do it... I just don't have the patience. So with that said, God bless you! I'll be thinking and praying for you throughout this new adventure! ((( BIG HUGS)))

Morgan said...

oooh, I got goosebumps too reading the dialogue between you and hubby!

My hubby and I just had a period of considering going down a life changing path as well; after praying together about it for awhile and not really getting any direction, we asked for prayer for discernment at our cell group one Wednesday evening. We prayed individually about it and by that Saturday evening, the Lord had given us the same direction and vision, separately! It was really amazing to us as we didn't "compare notes" during those few days, yet He deposited the exact same thing in us both!!
We were so excited to share our testimony at cell the next week; I just love it when God moves like that! (Needless to say, we have complete peace about what to do!)

Anyway~ super long comment~ sorry...I think you will love homeschooling (I was hs'ed) and good luck moving towards your dream becoming a reality!