Remember Them??

Did you have The Sunshine Family too?? I *totally* forgot about them until today! Cruising Ebay I stumbled across them... The dolls had those sort of creepy "jewel" eyes, remember? The baby doll was the cutest and the Paper dolls...those were cool.

Today has been good...worked from home. Volunteered at school.
Surprised the kidlets with HAPPY MEALS for lunch at school... they LOVED that!
Listened to a GREAT message on Brand New Radio that seemed meant for ME. So love when that happens.

Surfed blog land today, got some Ebay things accomplished, played with the Pugster and went a little crazy at the Dollar Tree. All in all- it's been a nice, relaxed day so far. Still have my evening to go!
Tomorrow, if it's dry- this will be me. Well..I'm a little taller maybe but I *TOTALLY* ROCK
these pants! ;)



Claire said...

I looove messages that speak straight to my heart. Do you rock those pants with a blue smurfy tail, too?

Courtney DeLaura said...

i feel left out I didn't have the creepy family books.

anything good at the dollar store. I have not been in forever.

you will be the 1st to know if I get my car. how do you feel about a deep redish color??? never owned a red car... hhhmmmmm not sure.\\
wait i lie. my 1st car was a honda accord in a deep red. LMAO I forgot all about that -