StaRting fResH

FINALLY sat down and MADE something last night. I've been wanting to participate in a great group challenge called SCRAPJACKED . Love that they select someone and encourage any and everyone to lift and share... It felt good to sortof disconnect from what's been going on and just let that stuff go for a while and focus on creating. I really, really needed that. Plus it stirred up ideas and thoughts for more pages and projects- which hasn't happened much for me lately. I've pushed all things creative aside to maintain focus on my day at hand- work, mom stuff, house cleaning, Robert's health, blah, blah, blah. Last night I realized that the 30 minutes or so I spent making this page (above) were just what I needed. I felt rejuvinated, peaceful and relaxed. SO nice!

Took the kidlets to school this morning and chatted with my girlfriend who's the school secretary. We shared our thoughts, life "issues" going on right now, etc. and then prayed for each other. So nice to know that God has put people like her in my life (and Robert's) to keep me afloat and give me Godly advice and truly, actively pray for me..not just the token " I'll be praying for you" that so many offer up but rarely do. We're all guilty of that, aren't we?

So I'm starting fresh today. Renewed spirit. Peace in the fact that God brings us through every bump in the road of life and through those bumps we learn and grow and marvel at His grace and power. Truly amazing...

Well- I'm working from home today. Maybe I'll be able to sit at my craft table again tonite... nice to think about at least! ;)

Thanks for YOUR sentiments and prayers- it means the world to me!



Here's my kidlets- Easter yesterday. Aren't they beautiful?!

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Courtney DeLaura said...

they are TOTALLY beautiful that photo AMAZING!

hugs girl