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I'm SUCH a sucker for these... this one was fun! WEll... I've done some house cleaning today and then shopped this morning for the two shindigs we're attending later this afternoon/evening. It was fun to put these two gifts together- one for a 6 year old boy and one for a soon-to-be married couple (obviously!).

The boys party is being held at the local swimming pool...so I did an outdoor/warm weather theme for his gift... pool toys, a football, Spiderman bubble set (shaped bubble blowers), and a Supersoaker..and the token candy I always include in kids gifts- in this case a giant sucker with the Taz character on the front- this is fitting for who we're giving it to! He's good natured and sweet but ON THE GO- ALLLL the time! He's in Josie's class and she's completely enamored. This is who gave her a glass heart for Valentine's day which is among her most treasured possessions! ;)

The wedding gift was something different as well. I knew many practical items the couple had registered for were purchased- so I opted for a fun gift instead. I created a "romantic game night" instead. A board game (which they both enjoy playing- YAY! So nice already knowing that!), a container of popcorn, a few packages of Hershey "Kissables" and a set of bowls to put it all in. Then I also bought fun patterned playing card, dice and candles. I hope they like it- I know it's something I'd love to receive!

I've stayed up until 2:30 am two nights in a row now, then up at 8-ish but feeling good still. LOVING the quiet hours to myself- catching up on DVR'd shows, stacks of magazines I haven't had time to read and some of my favorite crafty blogs as well. I teach Sunday school tomorrow so probably shouldn't be up too late tonite I suppose. But I probably will anyway! ;)

Hope YOU are having a wonderful weekend!




Sue said...

I'm Elinor also :D

Courtney DeLaura said...

ohhh I need to stay up till 2:30 am but I just can't DO IT!
not a night owl. I can pull those late nights like maybe twice a month at most :)

- court

Christy said...

Love your gift ideas girlie... especially the wedding gift! So creative... I'll have to remember that in the future! :)

'm' said...

You are your mother's daughter....I am elinor also