i dig it the mostest...

Just some delish, dee-vine delights for your eyes today...

That Amy Butler just has a way, doesn't she?! Her fabrics and marketing photos are SO inspiring to me... LOVE them.

Yes, there I am, perched on my ADORABLE mod couch. The sun is pouring in, warming my tanned, bare toes. I tuck a whisp of hair behind my ear and close my eyes, breathing in the fruity aroma wafting from the steamy cup held up close to my face. Mmmmm...

Now I've ventured onto the front porch, my quilt tucked around my shoulders. Thoughts of a new day and the adventure to be had. Birds chirp, a warm morning breeze strokes my cheek. I toy with staying on the porch ALL day, but decide it's the perfect weather to go junking instead!

Loading up a few gorgeous EMPTY bags to fill with treasures to be found throughout the day- old linens, china and dance gowns from days long ago. Don't you LOVE my sporty little ride?!

Couldn't resist this photo op against this wall-- LOVE that color!

Just ONE of the crazy cool finds I stumbled across! Came home and recovered it in just one afternoon. Perfection.

~... oh. yeah- that was an ENTIRE fabrication using Amy Butler photos by the way. {wasn't that the BEST pun EVER?!}In case you're a wee bit lost *or* not familiar with her site, crazy mad photos & fabrics, nor are you familiar with ME to know that bod, hair, boney legs, and sporty vehicle are not mine whatsoever! ;) Just a bit of silly fun.
And...to ruin my silly bit of fun, Blogger is showing all photos as red "x"'s.
I am NOT amused, blogger.
Not one bit.


Christy said...

Hee! Girl, you are too funny... totally had me giggling outloud. I'm so diggin' that chair... way cool! Fun post! :)

Jody said...

Sara~ Hi! I got your email...thank you. I am glad you found my blog and that you were moved in some way, by my story. I love your Amy Butler pics here. I'd take any of her stuff for me and my home! =) As for the Sunshine Family. Well, I was born in '72, so they were a big part of my childhood. I had the first coloring book you pictured, and have a different one now that I found in my Mom's stash not long ago. I've got the tiny baby doll of the family...with the little yellow outfit still in good condition. I love seeing how memories and similar experiences connect people via the internet. Anyway, glad to get your note and now your blog address. I hope you'll come check out ScrapInStyle TV when we get up and running. It's gonna be so much fun! Have a Nitty.Gritty. great weekend! =)

Courtney DeLaura said...

you and this whole post
can you bring me over one of those bags. . .

and can i borrow that dress. to bad my sausage arms would look guuurosss in it!


Morgan said...


I came across your blog from a comment you left on Flea Market Studio~ I love your perspective and have added you to my faves! Looking forward to reading more!

kate said...

I am in love with Amy Butler too! Well, not her, that would be weird, but her fabrics. They are so fun and mod in a homey way. Have been checking out reprodepot.com for hers and other cool ones of late. Love you! We need a tv/ talkie night.