My God's Not Dead

I just gotta say that He is SO amazing.
Gotta say it!!!
He put something on my heart MONTHS ago and it was SO random, OUT THERE to me... just left me baffled and wondering ....WHAAA?! WHY does this keep coming up? WHY do I keep thinking about this?? And tonite it all made sense. Completely. He was preparing me. Months ago He began preparing me for events taking place now.
It just leaves me feeling a wee bit giggly and in awe, I must say.
And I know that's all a smidge cryptic without full-on details but I'll get around to that soon...

Been listening to a great worship CD by Generation Unleashed..from the youth conference this last February. Robert and I missed out on that one but hope to go next year. Nothing like seeing a bunch of young people on fire for God at your church. The best is seeing the kids go, get fed by these conferences and then come home and KEEP THE PASSION.
THAT is the absolute best.
So here's a clip of the conference in Portland we missed. Our "kids" went though and I know they had a blast. The sound quality kinda stinks but you get the general idea!


Joy Madison said...

god is good ALL THE TIME!!!

Courtney DeLaura said...

what is going on?
i must know
he is good isn't he.
we are blessed to live in
his grace.

love you