Pictures from last Summer...I can always count on Josie to have an impromptu posing session with me! Matthew?? Not so much. I'm working on him. Am I the only one ready for Summer already?? I'm craving the sound of lawnmowers and smell of fresh-cut grass. Blue skies with fluffy clouds. Tanks tops and Flip-Flops. The kids running around in the backyard. Fresh fruits and veggies with an ice cream cone chaser!
What says SUMMER to you??

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Christy said...

Hiya gorgeous! Feelin' like summer, eh? Well, I think summer has officially arrived in Cali. It's been clear, sunny and in the 70's ever since we got back into town. And for once I'm loving it! I actually got a sunburn at the park yesterday, lol! I'm really not trying to rub it in, I SWEAR! Lol! Love you. Miss you. xoxo