I can't believe I haven't posted since Thanksgiving!!
Just staying busy with life. Our holidays were pretty relaxed this year, a leisurely pace for the most part. Very nice.
The children really enjoyed Christmas this year- not just the special presents (a Nintendo DS and an American Girl Doll) but embracing the traditions, stories, food. The act of giving. Truly joyous.
As usual, the day after Christmas ALL decorations came down. I don't wait for New Years- my "fresh start" for the house is December 26th and has been for the last couple years. It just feels GOOD!
Things have been so busy in general. Lots to keep me occuppied but I've felt like I'm on Auto-Pilot all the while. Doing everything, but a tad "removed".
I'm not a New Years resolution maker. When I've done this I always disappoint myself. So now I just don't go there. But I'd like 2008 to be a year of renewal. Spiritual, mental, physical... and so many other aspects of my life.
everything just needs a good airing-out and gust of fresh air.
So...here's to RENEWAL.

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Christy said...

YAY... a post, a post! Glad to see you back sweet girl (not that I'm one to talk) cuz I've missed ya!

I love your non-resolution(s). It's so strikingly similar to mine.

Sigh... I love your house so much. The colors, the decor... you inspire me. :)

Missing you TONS already. BEEN missing you TONS but incredibly blessed that I got to spend as much time as I did with you.