Our Thanksgiving Day

On Thanksgiving Day we were homebodies. Our family celebrations were happening Saturday and Sunday- so Thursday we decided to keep it lowkey and just enjoy a pajama day! I got up and looked out the back windows to see the first heavy frost had arrived. So pretty and serene!

Then I opened the blind in the kitchen and was greeted with THIS! Gorgeous! The picture just doesn't do it justice- the trees GLOWED gold, red and orange from the backing of the morning sun. And smelling fresh brewed coffee while gazing on this, standing in my robe and jammies--just icing on the cake!

Made oatmeal with raisins for breakfast. And cocoa for the kidlets.

We let Daddy sleep in and we took our oatmeal downstairs to watch the MACY's parade! The photo looks like a shot from Poltergeist with that glowing white screen- but I assure you- it was all Broadway music, marching bands and giant floating characters! The kids loved it.

Here's a shot of the rolls I made for our Thanksgiving dinner with Robert's side of the family on Saturday. YUM!


Christy said...

So glad you had a nice, relaxing Thanksgiving... And those rolls look DELISH! I miss chatting with you... will write/call soon. Love ya girlie!

project 52 said...

Miss you -
we need to connect
again. yes we do!