This is my idea of holiday prep! Nestled under a newfound vintage quilt, freshly laundered and smelling wonderful. But you only get a wiff of it now and then because the aroma of my Cinnamon Dolce Latte is wafting throughout the room! Top it off with a slice of gingerbread with cream cheese frosting, a few new holiday issue mags and one of these handy-dandy lapwarmers we picked up for a song...free!

Meet Max.
Josie and Matthew felt it was the PERFECT name for him, so there you go.
He's fluffy & LOVES to cuddle.. and is gradually warming to the exuberance of the pugster. They'll be curled up napping together before long, I'm sure!

And...no hair pics. Sorry.
I know! I know!
I'll post them soon! But today was just uh....NOT the day.
My kidlets put me through the wringer today and I *LOOKED* like it!
So be kind. Be forgiving. Be patient.
Tomorrow perhaps???

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Christy said...

That photo is just yummy. The new kitty too of course! What a little sweetie. :)