I'm home from my homeschool mom's meeting and had like..6 cups (small cups, but still..cups)of coffee. Not just regular coffee but Shari's ROBUST blend. oohlala! Considering that we met at 9pm and left there around 11...and I'm feeling wired...this isn't a good thing. So I thought I'd catch up on some blog reading, get things ready for tomorrow..etc.etc.

What I've done so far: Catch up on some blog reading. And it's officially "tomorrow", as of 9 minutes ago- and I'm not ready at all.

Moving on.(denial that it's officially "tomorrow" and nothing is prepped)
Have I told you how much I enjoy THIS BLOG???? Hilarious, gorgeous photography and apparently, a fabulous cook. Did I mention she's hilarious?? When I need a good, guilty, gut-busting-laugh, I know I can just scroll through her entries and do so. Love it. Go check her out- you'll want to bake from scratch tonite. AND go buy an insanely expensive camera and be JUST LIKE HER. It's wicked talent, I'm tellin' ya!

I'm already stewing over what the kids will wear for Christmas holiday stuff. I think the stewing began when I saw this! I just imagined Josie's head on this outfit and instantly knew it must be this or something very much like it. She'll think it divinely Eloise-ish and I'll be thrilled as well- it's adorable and classy.

Cute, yes??

And Matthew--just don't know yet. Still looking. Plus, he'll just throw it on and ask if he can "go get on the computer now" anyway...lol.

New subject: Our whole family is desperately craving a cat to cuddle with. An indoor/outdoor- cuddle in your lap- cat. And I want him/her to look just like THIS!

SOOOOO sweet! SOOOOO cute! It's quickly moving up from we WANT to we NEED...

One last random thing. That I want (apparently I have a case of the "gimmes" tonite!)

Fun, retro-vibe Paint by Number kit. This one has several scenes including the Eiffel tower. Would LOVE to do this!!

Alright- I'm off to bed. I'm SOOOOO going to be sorry in a few hours. When it's time to let the dog out. When it's time to get up with the hubster. When it's time to start school. oy.... I'm feeling it already.

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Christy said...

Hey sweetie! I've been jonesin' to get over here and check out your blog... hoping you'd have some hair pics for me (hint-hint). :) I haven't had access to a computer the last several days as my screen bit the dust. Talk about complete TORTURE, man! It really is pathetic how addicted to the internet I've become, lol! I told you if you wanted a furry little feline friend I would GLADLY give you Marie... she's already litter box trained and everything, lol! Hope you're having a good week... it's almost Friday - YAY! Love you!