Ooooh, SO busy!!
Hope you are all well and enjoying this gorgeous Fall season.
The crispness in the air, the vivid colors of turning leaves, cuddling under quilts with your kidlets, some coffee and a good book read aloud... I *do* love Fall!

I'm in the midst of a LOVELY weekend and decided to post something here to let you know I'm alive and kicking! When I say LOVELY I mean it- it's a weekend of "me" stuff that I sorely need right now. Good-for-the-soul type stuff. Thursday evening I went to the Holiday Soiree at POET'S GARDEN with my bestest-buddy Jocelyn. We had a great time--very nice to meander amongst beautiful holiday decor and glean ideas and absorb the "mood" to take home with you! I had a gift certificate I'd been saving for this special occasion and was able to buy a few fun little things~ a great little jumpstart to decorating for Christmas!

On Friday I dropped Matthew off at HIS bestest-buddy's house for a playdate and then surprised Josie with a Mommy&Me afternoon at the hair salon! She *LOVED* it and said we should be doing this everyDAY! lol. We both got our hair cut rather short and AHHHHH! How liberating! I should've done it LONG ago. Josie looks like a little French girl- with a classic little chin length bob. VERY Eloise/Madeline-esque, which thrills her beyond words! We were going to originally go for something more mod/angular with it cut/cropped shorter in back and angled to a longer length in front, but I thought that was a bit too mature for a little girl- and I'm glad we went with this more classic cut. It suits her beautifully.

These pics just show her cut in process- not finished and polished! I'll post that soon. But just look at that smile on her face in the second picture!

Mine is similar..but different. I'm terrible with describing these things so I'll just post a pic soon. Suffice it to say- I love it and have NO regrets!

ANYway- moving on- Friday evening I had my monthly scrapbook night at church. What a nice night of fellowship, encouragement and creativity! It was JUST what I needed. Here are a few pages I made...I love 'em!

The photos look pretty dark here but much better in person. There's a fourth page in progress- just needs some finishing touches. So I didn't do too shabby! Especially considering how much talking we did!
Today Robert made us all breakfast, and although my house smells like a giant smoked sausage factory- it was WORTH IT! YUM! Matthew and Robert are out getting M's hair cut and then we're meeting up with the Stroup family for lunch and to see the BEE MOVIE together. Tomorrow is church and then my nephew's birthday party in Portland. He's getting SO big- I can't believe it. It'll be great to hang out with them for a while- we don't get together as much as we used to.. our lives have become busy and just different, with children and day-to-day "stuff"!! Isn't it crazy how that happens?! Anywho- looking forward to being with my sis and her brood tomorrow!
Keep an eye out for another post with fun hair pics soon!


Christy said...

Sounds like a fun weekend you guys have planned! So, what did ya think of the "Bee Movie"? We took Maddie to see it last night and LOVED it! Seriously, I thought it was the best kids movie I've seen in a really LONG time! CANNOT WAIT to see pics of your new do! HOORAY! I'll be stalking your blog until then, lol! I'm so glad to hear that you love yours... I must be the only girl on this planet that stupidly chops hers and then ends up hating it. EVERY time. Yep, I just chopped mine too about 3/4 weeks ago and of course it looks nothing like the photo I brought in and I totally hate it. GRRRRRRRRR! Anywho - enough about me... this comment is turning into a friggin' book - eep! Enjoy the rest of your weekend sweetie. I'll be in touch soon. Love you and missing you TONS!

shannon said...

Great pictures of Poet's Garden, Thanks for posting them. It was a beautiful night, thanks for joining us!