Here's the 'do all curly-like.
Because all TWO of you living long-distance that read this just HAD to see it. ;)

You like??
I really, really do. A lovely change.
Here's what we had going on this week!

  • Matthew gave himself a shiner at church somehow. Rough housing with his friends after AWANA's and he now has a very bruised, scraped area around his right eye and ear. And he doesn't recall exactly what he hit...hmmm. I think *I* would remember, don't you?

  • Thursday we had our first Annual Homeschool Thanksgiving Feast. It was great fun to see the kids in their handcrafted Pilgrim and Indian garb. We had a very well balanced menu of corn, green beans, goldfish crackers, jello, apples, cookies, candy and apple juice! lol. Mac 'n cheese showed up a little later to round it out more but it was pretty funny. To the parents. The kids thought it "rocked". At least that's what we gathered in between war cries, gobbles and giggles. We followed the feast up with a viewing of Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving.

  • Friday we had a field trip to go see a production of "The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe" at a local playhouse. It was wonderful to see my kidlets respond so positively to the experience. Matthew said it was better than the movie, which shocked me. I knew Josie would love it- she's our little performer. But I feared Matthew would be disinterested. Not the case AT ALL. I think I see MANY more trips to the theatre in our future.

That's all for now! Hope you're all having a great weekend!




Christy said...

Yaaaaaaay, FINALLY! Look at you sexy mama... rockin' the "Samantha Who" do! I LOOOVE it! It's positively adorable and it totally suits you! :)

Anonymous said...

All I can see is a box with a red x in it. Sometimes I really hate my computer!

Anonymous said...

The pics show today, yea! I like it!