It's going pretty well...we've had a bumpy road to travel but we're toughing it out.
The first year is the hardest...or so I've been told. Others have stated this and then continued on with "AND the next year. AND sometimes the NEXT year too..."
Hearing this doesn't exactly instill a feeling of confidence that I'm going to make it, but I appreciate the honesty of it. It's a literal LEARNING PROCESS.
Right now, one of my favorite bloggers, scrappers and kindred-spirits..Ms.Kelli Crowe is doing a series of posts on being a homeschool family and how they roll. I'm always excited to get a new perspective, but admittedly- you always relish input from people you find a kinship to. Granted, we've never met-- but everything I've read and seen leads me to believe, if we met, we'd get along swimmingly. I'm thankful she's taken on the persistent pleas of other homeschool moms (along with myself) and decided to grace us with her take on it all.

Tonite is AWANA's and the start of our next session of Wednesday night classes (in lieu of a service). We're beginning WAY OF THE MASTER tonight and I'm looking forward to it! Robert and I worked with our College age group on the series this past Summer and it's one I think every person in church should check out. SUCH an amazing tool to get out there and evangelize-- which, let's face it, is our reason for walking on this Earth! Sharing Jesus with everyone we encounter is imperative but as Christians, we fall short EVERYDAY. Me? Guilty as charged!!!!!

Last thing for today.... I saw this poster in an issue of DOMINO a long time ago and wanted it. I still want it. BADLY. I'd love to have this hanging in my house. Groovy daily reminder, dontcha think??



Christy said...

I SO LOVE that poster!!! A groovy daily reminder indeed my friend! Lub you. :)

Donna Boucher said...

I love that poster and it makes me think of Tim Gunn :o)
Carry on.

Have you tried to find it?

Sarah said...

Hi Donna! Thanks so much for taking the time to come visit! Ah see?! I *LOVE* that you thought of Tim Gunn when you saw the poster because that was EXACTLY what *I* did! ;) LOVE Project Runway- esp. Mr.Gunn. What a character! Yes I DID do a search for the poster! Here's a link to a general search- hope it works..http://tinyurl.com/22zl26