Tiny McSmall Love.

Something I like to do is peruse online children's boutiques. Making dreamy wish-lists and being inspired, daydreaming of having a store of my own and what I might stock it with. CHILD magazine (no longer running) used to hilight one or two boutiques a month- it was my favorite segment. Pictures of the storefront or inside. Their best-selling items. Anyway- beautiful, funky children's shops are a definite weakness for me.

here are some fun finds I thought I'd share.


Link here
Talk about ADORABLE!!! If you have kids- check it out.

My faves... classic stlyed dresses, personalized felt barettes, silky soft cotton knit mod leggings, sweet jumpers...(happy sigh).

How was that for a deep, thought provoking blog entry?!



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Christy said...

OH MY!!! Pure eye-candy! Those felt barrettes are the sweetest... off to check out "Tiny McSmall"! Fun post girlie. Love you!