Don't forget to tune in to PBS tonite for the beginning of The Complete JANE AUSTEN

Tonite is the first of six Sunday nights showcasing Jane Austen novel adaptations. My DVR is ready to roll, is yours??

Church today was a little morsel of EXACTLY what I needed. A day outside Sunday School-- getting some spiritual food for myself (yay!). After church-having the hubster sweetly hand me a coffee in the courtyard (there's a coffee bistro in our church foyer/courtyard now) right before I had to walk into a Sunday School meeting. My parents being sweet-talked by my niece and my daughter to home with them for the afternoon..Discussing plans for VBS this Summer--I've been asked to take part in deciding on the theme/curriculum, which I'm completely PSYCHED about! So...yep. I left church feeling energized yet peaceful- something I *really* needed.

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Christy said...

Ah man... I wished I had seen this yesterday... I would've set my DVR to record. How was it? I'll be sure to catch it next Sun.

So glad you nice day sweetie. Miss you. xoxo