Foul Play Friday?

I awoke this morning to cool, misty air and overcast skies. Birds were chirping- but it seemed subdued. The grass had beads of moisture from the shower overnight. And then.
I heard car doors being opened/shut. I peered out the window and saw a line of cars along the street. It was only a few minutes after 8, so what could this be?? A lane of garage sales RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET from me! I put the coffee pot on, then meandered over with the kids. We didn't find much. Just a few summery shirts for Josie next season and a faux-American Girl with a bag full of outfits, shoes,etc.
She's a little beat up but I'm going to help Josie clean her up and we've discussed the fact that if she can take care of this doll, we'll seriously consider a "REAL" one for Christmas. Suffice it to say, she's taking this VERY seriously. In cleaning up the doll, we discovered that one of her fingers of her right hand was neatly cut off. No gnaw marks. No other signs of foul play beyond some hair pulling. Perhaps she owed someone else residing in the toybox money?? One could only propose.. that after the horrific loss of a digit, she quickly packed up and threw herself into the garage sale pile for a hopeful exit, bravely putting on a smile. And we rescued her! Of course, poor thing- it's only a matter of time before "they" may discover she's only just across the street. Eeep!


Claire said...

oooh! toy foul play!No pun intended, but it fits nicely.

Christy said...

Oh, what a cool find! I'll bet Josie was in heaven... missing finger or not. :)