Preparing for Rain

Fall is here. Cloudy skies are already becoming a daily occurrance. I actually welcome it. It's a sign the seasons are changing. Time for sweaters, galoshes, scarves and umbrellas. Living in the lush Pacific Northwest, we endure much rain. My anti-humidity/frizz shampoos and serums and CHI iron get LOTS of use. My scarves come out and are a daily wardrobe staple. I *adore* scarves. I've yet to aquire a pashmina. I'm not sure why- I keep saying I'm going to, but I haven't as of yet. I'd love one in each of these colors: petal pink, black and a deep grape/plum color. J.CREW has a scarf (or two!) I'd love as well.

It's a navy/yellow stripe cashmere. Love the "prep" factor of this- plus, I'm a sucker for yellow lately. Bright, sunny, egg yolk yellow. Love it.

Another staple I'd like to have a few of.... cute umbrellas. They're necessary, so why not have fun with them? I've found a few for Josie. We have a little umbrella holder for hers (really just a yellow mesh mini-wastebasket). I'd like to find a great umbrella stand for mine as well, and then a few cute 'brellies sitting inside as well! Here's some fabulous ones at PARE UMBRELLA. A little spendy, but wonderful all the same.

Aren't they?! At $85 they very well SHOULD be.




Christy said...

Omg - those umbrella's are the CUTEST! Especially diggin' the mushroom one... too, too cute!
Did I tell you that my Chi iron bit the bullet? Yep, it did and I'm heartbroken. LOVE that iron. It appears the cord has a short in it so I'm going to see about having it repaired rather than forking out another $100 + on a new one. Hopefully that route is cheaper but you never know. Okay, now that I've bored you tears over my iron woes (lol!)...
Hope you're having a good weekend sweets! Missing and thinking about you guys LOTS! ((Hugs))

Courtney DeLaura said...

miss you.
i am trying so hard to get caught up! ugghhh never never never ending...