Ahhh...the Smell of New School Supplies

On Tuesday I went through the kidlets closets and purged outgrown clothes, jotting down what things we needed to purchase for their school wardrobe this year. Got rid of LOTS of stuff (yeah! Instant Ebay inventory!lol) and it felt good to have a good knowlege of what's in their closets and drawers right now.

I'd purchased some school supplies earlier in July and pulled those out and compared those to the supply list I just got- and was able to cross off alot. We're ahead of the game!! Double YEAH! Only a few more things and we're all set. What a nice feeling! They're even marked with initials already!

So today we're going school shopping. Get the remaining supplies, new lunchboxes, backpacks and clothes. It'll just be me and the kiddos so we'll see how far I get! lol. I've got my list and plan of attack so hopefully it will be efficient and fruitful.

After we spend the morning/early afternoon shopping we'll be going to spend the afternoon with my girlfriend Kim. We're going to let the kids play while we work on some crafty projects. I'm *SO* looking forward to that!!!

Happy Wednesday!

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Christy said...

Oh how fun! I always loved going school supply/clothe shopping... it was the actual 'going to school' part that I hated, lol! Have fun with your kiddo's today! Love you!